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Nobody should take fire safety lightly. With so many companies promising the same thing and even more services available to choose from, it’s no wonder you might struggle to select a suitable partner to help you with your requirements. This is on top of your other day-to-day business tasks to keep up with - but it doesn’t need to be a long-winded process. Reduce stress. Shorten your search. Operate in a safe working environment with the services we implement. Take a look at what PSTG Fire Protection has to offer.

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Fire Stopping

Intumescent products are usually overlooked. Our intumescent products help slow down the spread of fire and provide more time for people to evacuate a potentially burning area with items that can give you extra time to move away from dangerous fire breakouts. From intumescent coatings to sealants - we’ve got you covered.

Intumescent Products

Fire pillows and pads are the foundations of fire protection. When undertaking construction projects, it’s good practice to create a temporary firestop which offers protection to metal pipework and cables. Our service ensures you have the perfect solution for these provisional situations.

Fire Pillows & Pads

Enhance fire safety in your premises with our pipe collars and wraps service. As pipework can soon melt away during a fire, voids become common which leave fire and smoke to spread easily. Our products are designed to prevent the progress of fire and smoke throughout your building to ensure optimum safety.

Pipe Collars & Wraps

Our fire barrier service reduces concealed risk. They’re essential to prevent the rapid spread of fire in concealed spaces within your location and effectively prevent the spread of fire within unseen roof and ceiling voids.

Fire Barriers

At PSTG Fire Protection, our passive boards adhere to strict specifications and requirements to ensure the durability and safety when they’re mounted in your building or on your construction site. We have some of the strongest, safest and reliable fire-resistant passive boards available, offering unique heat insulation and fire protection.

Passive Board

Present gaps in walls and floors on construction sites can be dangerous. The acrylic sealant service we provide at PSTG Fire Protection ensures the prevention of fire and smoke in any passage.

Acrylic Sealant

Poor protection can put buildings at risk of fire spread. Our fire compound service offers a reliable solution to effectively secure walls and floors while offering your building critical fire-stopping protection.

Fire Compound

In the event of a fire, it’s essential that every aspect of fire, smoke and safety protection is in place within your building. Although a small factor, our door seals are designed specifically to improve fire resistance in your doorways.

Door Seals

Whether it’s a small gap in a door, the floor or the ceiling, our silicone sealant service ensures your building remains safe by preventing the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gasses. Our engineers only use the best sealants around from brands you can trust.

Silicone Sealant

Full installation of fire doors.

Although they operate the same as any other door, fire doors are designed to resist attacks from fire and prevent the spread from one room to another. They’re the last lines of defence so at PSTG Fire Protection, not only will we source the safest fire doors available but we’ll also fully install them in accordance to the Fire Safety Order (FSO).

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Structural steel protection.

We offer a comprehensive service for structural fire protection on steelwork. Using either a boarded or sprayed fire protection system, steel frames can be insulated from the effects of fire for up to 240 minutes, providing vital support for the structure of your premises in the event of a fire.

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